Havelock plans delayed

Published Date: March 2019

Havelock Estate regeneration plans delayed

At the time of writing, we have been appointed by 33 homeowners on the Havelock Estate. Some of these have already sold and some have agreed deals and are going through the legal process.

On 11th March 2019, a joint letter from Catalyst Housing and Ealing Council was sent to a number of homeowners advising them of a review of the regeneration scheme. We have been provided with a copy by one of our clients. The main thrust of the letter is that phase 1b of the regeneration scheme has been delayed. We are not yet aware until when.

Clients of ours who have agreements for sale already will still be able to proceed with these.

It now appears that the regeneration scheme could potentially be bigger than was suggested in 2013 when the partnership between Catalyst and the Council began. Whether this means more homes being demolished or a higher density of homes being built, we are not aware.

Home building targets set by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan have hugely increased in recent years. Similarly, the Council’s own targets of affordable home building is also quite considerable. Whether any of these targets are met, only time will tell. In our experience, home building targets are very rarely met but where there is a will, it may at least increase the number of properties built.

The delay we and homeowners are now faced with whilst a review is completed is frustrating. However, it is also understandable given changes in demands and market forces over the last few years.

We will of course continue to keep our clients informed as best we can.

If anybody on the estate would like more information from us, please call our Natasha Lamptey on 020 3011 5310.