Aberfeldy Estate

The Aberfeldy estate borders the River Lea to the East, Balfron Tower to the West and the Robin Hood Gardens estate to the South.

The regeneration scheme is being progressed in six phases. The first three phases have been completed and the ballot for the remaining 3 phases was approved in October 2020, with the majority of eligible residents voting in favour of full redevelopment.

We have represented a number of leaseholders on the Estate and would like to represent more.

We can help provide the following services to homeowners:

  • Market Valuations
  • Negotiations
  • Relevant Compulsory Purchase advice
  • Advising on Shared Equity scheme

To find out how we can help you or anyone you may know who is affected by the threat of compulsory purchase, please call us on 020 3011 5300 or e-mail info@sawyerfielding.co.uk for more information.