The winner is……St Mungo’s

Battle lines were drawn here at Sawyer Fielding when ‘Team Acquiring authority’ (Nicky and Stuart)  and ‘Team claimant’ (Max and Charlie) went head to head in a test of mettle, valuation and negotiation prowess.

The case – the sale on CPO terms of a former Public House converted into 10 flats.

Whilst our Director progressed negotiations in ‘real life’ with the actual acquiring authority, the two teams battled it out with restricted access to our file so they couldn’t see how discussions were progressing. Both sides gave their robust arguments after a tense couple of months and it all culminated in the boardroom as ‘The Apprentice’ levels of adrenaline kicked in before a deal was finally struck. Weeks of planning, back and forth emails, late night phone calls (we’re a competitive bunch) and the final showdown all came to a head with Nicky & Stuart emerging victorious.

The prize? A £250.00 donation to a charity of the winning team’s choice.

We are therefore delighted to present £250.00 to St. Mungo’s. Sawyer Fielding help lots of clients every year to move on with their lives, having faced losing their homes, so it seems really fitting that Nicky and Stuart have chosen support those who are not so fortunate. St Mungo’s is a well-known London based homelessness charity and do invaluable work to help thousands of Homeless people every year get back on their feet. Having experience homelessness in his youth, director Dan Knowles knows all too well the difficulties faced every day, so is delighted this is who Nicky and Stuart chose.