Havelock Estate, Southall

Located within Southall is the Havelock Estate which was built between the 1950s and 1970s. The estate originally comprised a total of 845 homes spanning across approximately 21 Hectares.

The proposed regeneration of the estate will see the demolition of 692 homes to pave way for the development of 904 new build properties, both for private sale and affordable housing. There will also be commercial units as well a community centre, all of which are scheduled to be completed by 2023.

Our early involvement in the regeneration was very limited, however we have been significantly involved in the current phase of the project. Our in-depth expertise within Compulsory Purchase and strength in numbers have helped us in negotiations, leading us to reach agreement on a number of properties at levels far in excess of initial opening offers.

With the value of many properties on the estate restricted due to their construction type, their values are lower than more traditionally built properties in the area. We have therefore made it even more of a priority to ensure that our clients receive fair market value and related compensation, so they are in a far less disadvantaged position.

In addition to negotiating the sale terms on behalf of our clients, our comprehensive service also includes advising on relocation both on and off the estate, including on the shared equity scheme being provided.

We look forward to working with many more homeowners, both in the current and future phases of the regeneration.

Acquiring Authority: London Borough of Ealing

Developer: Catalyst

Surveyors we negotiated with: Carter Jonas