High Lane Estate, Ealing

The High Lane Estate, located in Hanwell, is a small housing estate comprising 264 homes built of BISON large concrete panel system in the 1970s.

The Council’s proposed development aims to provide some 450 new homes as well as a community centre and a local shop.

After an extensive consultation process with estate residents. The council’s cabinet, on 21 July 2015, approved officers to progress the scheme to completely redevelop the estate. This included carrying out soft market testing, appointing legal and financial advisors and setting up a Developer Selection Group (DSG) of estate residents. Also to carry out a procurement process to appoint a developer partner to work with the council to redevelop the estate.

Following a developer selection process, the council’s cabinet, in April 2017, selected a preferred partnership with Rydon Construction.

With the value of many properties on the estate restricted due to their construction type, their values are lower than more traditionally built properties in the area. Unfortunately for our clients, this means finding alternative suitable accommodation will prove to be more difficult, due to the affordability gap. The importance of our being able to negotiate well to protect homeowners is therefore particularly important.

Some of the settlements we’ve heard about have been worryingly low and below our opinions of  Market Value. We are now representing several leaseholders on the Estate and would be happy to represent more. Although negotiations may take time due to their complexity, we endeavour to ensure our clients receive a fair settlement for their homes.

Acquiring Authority: London Borough of Ealing

Developer: Rydon

Surveyors we negotiated with: Carter Jonas