Alton Estate, Roehampton

The Alton estate is a large council estate located in the London Borough of Wandsworth. It occupies a large piece of land to the west of Roehampton Village.

The Estate is split between Alton East and Alton West these are recognisable by their differing architecture. Alton East finished in 1958 is a mix of low and high rise modernist architecture while Alton West finished in 1959 has a Scandinavian vernacular style.

The estate is home to over 13,000 residents making it one of the largest in the UK. The estate has a strong community feel with organisations such as Regenerate, Alton Watch and the Roehampton Voice all offering different portals and platforms for residents. We know ‘Regenerate’ well after they were the recipient of a £2,000 donation from us in 2018 as part of our Sawyer Fielding gives back service for the work they do with the areas youth.

We are assisting leaseholders on the estate with securing market value, loss compensation and submitting disturbance compensation claims once properties have sold.

Acquiring Authority: Wandsworth Council

Developer: Red Row Homes

Surveyor we negotiated with: Carter Jonas