South Oxhey Estate, Watford

The South Oxhey estate lies within the Three Rivers District of Hertfordshire and was constructed during the late 1940s and early 1950s to provide accommodation for some 4,000 families.

The estate itself comprises a mix of properties, including commercial retail units on the ground floor with residential units on the upper floors. It is surrounded by the Oxhey Woods Local Nature Reserve to the western border, which is a very important ecological site due to its wide variety of habitats for the flora and fauna.

Since our involvement, we have represented 10 leaseholders on the estate, with some having already reached agreement and some already sold on to the Acquiring Authority.

With the Compulsory Purchase Order confirmed in November 2017 and some of our clients’ properties vesting in March 2018, we have been very busy negotiating fair financial settlements for our clients before they lose their homes to the CPO!

Acquiring Authority: Three Rivers District Council

Developer: Countryside Properties and Home Group

Surveyor we negotiated with: Deloitte