Sheerwater Estate

Published Date: January 2016

Planning Application submitted on Sheerwater Estate

On 13th November 2015, New Vision Homes submitted a planning application to Woking Council. Since approved, it grants permission for the development of up to 922 new residential units, a new community & youth centre, health centre and leisure centre amongst other uses.

The development would be likely to be phased over a number of years.

Even though planning permission was granted, it does NOT mean that the development will proceed. For it to proceed, there has to be a will from New Vision Homes and the Council and most importantly, there has to be the land rights that would permit development.

As such, for the regeneration to proceed, it would be imperative for Woking Council or New Vision Homes to be able to acquire the existing homes on the Sheerwater Estate. They would try to do this by agreement but are highly likely to seek Compulsory Purchase powers to rely on in the event that agreement could not be reached for sales by consent.

We are representing the majority of home owners on the Sheerwater Estate and advising on the Compulsory Purchase Order and any ensuing negotiations.

We are also working closely with Sheerwater Residents Association.