PEACH £2,000

PEACH which stands for People’s Empowerment Alliance for Custom House is a residents group in Custom House East London.  It was founded in April 2013 and has over 250 members from local schools, churches and clubs.

Their purpose is to support local people to take action and have a meaningful say over issues that directly impact them.   

 Since their establishment they have achieved the following:

  • Set up Custom House Workers Co-operative- a cleaning company which is run and owned by its workers.
  • Set up a Community Land Trust (E16 CLT)
  • Negotiated a 300k yearly rent reduction for temporary MEARS tenants.  
  • Established a Shopkeepers’ Charter to protect the local high-street through the regeneration program.
  • Wrote an alternative regeneration plan
  • Campaigned and successfully negotiated an agreement with the Council to work in co-production with the local community on the regeneration in the area.
  • Holds regular housing club meeting for local people to come together and collectively address housing and regeneration issues.

In our experience PEACH have achieved a great deal and more residents group like this are needed! We are pleased to be assisting PEACH with their vision to get regeneration working for local residents and recently donated £2,000.

We’ve been informed our donation will be used towards a community fun day or a camping trip for local families.