£4,000 Donation for Grenfell Tower

Published Date: June 2017

Our fourth Sawyer Fielding Gives Back Donation : £4,000 for Grenfell Tower

On 14th June 2017, there was a horrific and devastating fire at Grenfell Tower, a high rise Council block on the Lancaster West Estate within the borough of Kensington & Chelsea. Some estimates have put the death toll at over 100.

On 21st June 2017, Sawyer Fielding Grenfell donated £4,000 to the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation who are raising funds for a collection of charities involved with supporting the residents who are affected by the travesty and their loved ones. The amount was match-funded meaning our donation resulted in £8,000 going towards those in need.

The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation work are co-ordinating charitable donations to organisation such as the Westway Trust who work with Westway Sports Centre, Rugby Portobello Trust, ClementJames Centre, Venture Community Association and the Harrow Club. Some of these charities are working as assistance centres, providing housing needs, emergency funds, health and social care services. They also have volunteers from the Red Cross and other organisations. They provide food, drink and a range of other support services to those affected by the tragedy.

This now takes our total donations up to £11,750 which includes-

£4,000 to Kensington & Chelsea Foundation for those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire

£4,000 to Acton Homeless Concern (South Acton) which paid for 8000 meals

£3,000 to York Road Project (Woking) which paid for creation of an IT suite to help those in housing need learn new skills

£750 to Habitat for Humanity to work on a range of housing needs around London and also partner with similar charities around the world

Our Sawyer Fielding gives back page shows our donations. We welcome proposals for deserving charities from our clients. We normally prefer local charities to national ones.